FUTURE ENERGY will optimise the operating expenses for cryptocurrency mining through use of non-traditional sources of renewable electric power with an operational component of 0

The idea of the project

Today you can buy FGY tokens with a 30% discount.


Private sale in


Use of the tokens from the first day of purchase

For the duration of the project we will install the mining modules on our established farm with an electricity tariff of $ 0.05


Upon completion of the installation, the cost of kW/h will be 0. This guarantees profitable mining


We generate our own electricity and are not dependent on central electric networks and their tariffs


Plants are fully automated and do not require maintenance personnel. No raw materials are required

Ecologically clean way of obtaining energy

Our developments in electricity generation resolve a number of environmental concerns, substantially reducing CO2 and H2S emissions


We have an internally developed security system for mining modules and software protection

Costs of Electricity

It's not a secret that the main cost of cryptocurrency mining is electricity. This trend will continue due to the development of the cryptocurrency industry and Blockchain.

The “ASIC revolution” in the technology used for bitcoin-mining is about to come to an end. ASIC’s chip format for mining is coming close to the nanometre limit of Moore’s Law. For this reason, substantial future growth in the production of the chips is impossible.

This results in the commoditization of chips, meaning they become simple commodities in the eyes of the market or consumers and suddenly drop in value. This will result in manufacturers being forced to concentrate on mass production in order to profit from volumes, rather than utilising technological advances. Due to the race to develop the most up-to-date technology, the bitcoin mining industry will transition to a state of overproduction of equipment. The determinant factor of production will be electricity, rather than the efficiency of the equipment.

We are at the front of this global race with no competitors. Our energy costs are zero as we invest in green energy generation at the construction phase. Our energy plants provide free green energy with a plant lifetime of 40 years.

Distribution of Tokens

Why choose us?


We have 49 patented developments
in the field of renewable energy

Our operational farm has been operating since
2014 with the computing power of 9.6Ph by SHA256

Our team includes world-renowned scientists and professors

FUTURE ENERGY has been engaged in the mining of crypto currency since 2014. We are currently based on our own land and utilize a voltage power transmission line from the 110 kV substation. Currently, we are able to increase capacity to 50 MW at a tariff of $0.05 per 1 kW / h. This will ensure mining modules continue to run for the period of construction of our own renewable energy farms.

Since 2014 our team has grown to include a group of world-renowned scientists. We deliver an efficient, economical, clean and independent energy supply solution for our mining modules. Currently, 49 of our developments have been patented in the field of renewable energy sources and sources of atom energy for peaceful purposes, most of which have been actualized.

Comparative Yield of Mining/ ICO

How can you Use the Tokens?

1FGY = $1

Rent for 40 years 1W / hour
1FGY = $1 = 1W

Profit more than 300% per month

Payment for installation of mining farms
(colocation) 1FGY = 1000W / month

Purchase a license for one of our inventions

Research work for customers


ECOMINING provides the opportunity to take part in bitcoin mining by exchanging FGY tokens for the right to practice ECOMINING for one month.

Future Energy will spend a part of the funds raised during the ICO on the purchase of ASIC miners with a total capacity of 14,500 th (the capacity will depend on the amount collected during the ICO). ECOMINING will work on clean eco energy, for which you will not have to pay. The Bitcoins will be distributed on the basis of a smart-contract by the following principle: 80% of Bitcoins production will be distributed among ECOMINING members, and 20% will be spent on maintenance, repair and purchase of new equipment. The Bitcoin distribution will occur on the 1st day of each month.

Up to 330% per month! How does it work?
To participate in the mining, the token holder can exchange their FGY tokens for one month of participation in the ECOMINING project. Applications for participation in ECOMINING are accepted during the last 5 days of the current month for the right to participate in following month. On the last day of the month after receiving applications for mining, a random number generator will produce a number which will determine the percentage of the total sold FGY tokens that will be able to participate in the mining in the following month.
For example: 2 500 000 FGY tokens are sold during ICO today, on 31 December 2018. The randomly generated number is ‘1’, meaning 1% of the total number of tokens sold will be able to participate in mining in January 2019. Of the 25 000 FGY tokens used for bitcoin mining, 20% will be distributed to maintenance of the equipment, and the remaining 80% between the pool of participants during the said month. Today, at the rate of $6500 per bitcoin, that is approximately $100 000 of bitcoins mined per month. After 20% allocated to maintenance, the remaining 80% ($80 000) is distributed between 25 000 FGY tokens. This means that each token is worth $3.3, which is 330% gain per month at the initial price of $1 per FGY token.

In addition, Future Energy will award participants with a
bonus of 95% of the token exchanged for making contributions to the development of clean energy. The bonus will be added until the 5th day of the following month (if you exchanged your tokens for the right of mining in January 2019, then you receive the bonus until 5 February 2019). Only 5% of your tokens will be burned. In the event that there are more requests for mining than the percentage allowed to participate in a particular month, the swap will occur in proportion to the possible number of tokens and requests for mining. All tokens that do not pass the swap will be returned to their owners.

Ecomining Calculator

Current BTC rate: 6806

Specify a percentage (from 1 to 100) or click "Random percentage"

This is an approximate calculation of the monthly profitability of ECOMINING for each embedded token based on the total number of tokens 2.5 mln.

The calculation is based on the formula:
PROFIT = (ECOPOOL * 100 ) / (2500000 * RANDOMPERC)

ECOPOOL - allocation pool ECOMINING
WHOLEPOOL - the total pool supposedly mined for the next month
PROFIT - The estimated income for each embedded token for the next month
RANDOMPERC - a random percentage, is used only to demonstrate the calculation

Our current developments

• Landfill Gas

• Biogas

• Geothermal energy

• Hydraulic power

• Wave and tidal energy of the seas and oceans

• Thermodynamic installations and cycles on local fuels (peat, wood, organic waste)

• Gas discharges of closed gas and oil wells

• Solar energy

• Wind power

Projected Timeline

FUTURE ENERGY project is based on real developments which have already been implemented.

Our Team

The project team consists of highly qualified specialists including a group of world-renowned scientists and professors with academic titles. Each team member has made great advances in their field.

The FUTURE ENERGY project is comprised of the best specialists from a range of industries including Blockchain, science, construction, business, construction, IT, law, electrical installation specialists, commissioning and equipment maintenance.

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